Better Know: Kobolds

[from time to time, I'll be adding primers about common/discovered enemies in the Wiki. The characters being quoted will be revealed as they are revealed in the game. Your character's opinion? Please share in the forums, with the creature's name for a title!]


"Less rare than they used to be, that's for sure. Little, spiteful things. Nobody even hunts The Reaching Woods anymore because of 'um. Well, almost nobody."

     Angus ??

"They had made a trap for our horses, which we were riding, and fast. None of us fell in that pit, but you could hear them immediately eating, pulling the banding from the rivets on the horses armor and eating that, too. They had nearly starved to death in that pit; their tunnels had collapsed on either side, too big of rocks for them to dig out. We put the horses out of their misery"

     Stockhausen Grey

"Here, look at this young tail!

(pulls out a tall, thin bottle with a slick, reptilian tail drowning in what is probably dun whiskey)

"Not quite a rat's tail, not quite a lizard's tail… and that's the trick. They're a little bit of both. Oh, I've never seen a real live one, and that's just fine with m— OH WAIT I FORGOT LOOK AT THESE!"

     Marion Highgarden

Better Know: Kobolds

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