Better Know: Halflings

[the types of halflings you'll encounter are the sturdier kind(think hobbits) commonly referred to as "stouts" or, in this part of the Realms, "stronghearts"]

"How is it that a chubby little fellow be so…spry? I saw one once dance around Gabby Stonefoot until her beard was tied in a wedding knot. Didn't help his chances."


"Some say they're lucky. Which is fair. Better if you ask me to, instead of being lucky enough to not drown, avoid jumping in too deep."

     Magnus ?

"Great Gond! You can't just stick a Triboarian ham in your saddle bag like a spare boot! Wrap it in muslin. Here. Pack this book, these biscuits, and please don't eat them until the sun has set, at least."

     Marion Highgarden

Better Know: Halflings

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